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What used to be pain on waking up, headaches and pain throughout the day, clicking and locking sporadically and overall discomfort is now what I used to hope normal felt like… I can’t begin to express how great life without jaw pain is. – Chelane P.

Dear TMJ Sufferer,

“I remember back when I was in High School (in 1979), when I chewed my
food, my family could hear my jaw clicking and popping from across the

At that time living with my single mother (who had TMJ) and 2
siblings with only 260 dollars per month, we just didn’t have the
resources to go to specialists to treat my TMJ problem.

Then in
College when I played football, I would put on my helmet and snap the
chin strap on, my jaw would lock up.

I had to loosen up the chin
strap and play football with a slightly loose helmet.

Finally after years of problems with my TMJ’s.

I finally learned for
myself in Dental School what was going on.

Because of those personal
experiences, I focused my studies on TMJ

And it has been my passion
since! I absolutely love treating TMJ, because it is one of the rare
jobs where I’ll see a person in pain one day, and they come back in my
office with a big smile on their face because the pain is gone…

I love my job. Now, as a TMJ Dentist, I have been able to treat over a thousand TMJ sufferers.

In Dental School, I went through TMJ therapy, and it was so amazing to
see and to feel the difference, or what Normal felt like again.

I started my private TMJ practice after graduating, I continued to
seek further knowledge with the myriad of causes of TMJ.

So, I
traveled to the four corners of our country just to hear different and
new treatments and philosophies how other clinicians are using to
treat TMJ.

As I treated my own patients for TMJ, it took about 3
years to settle on the principles that I see as the right philosophies
to treat TMJ.

What they taught in Dental School was not the primary
cause of TMJ, so it took a large pill to swallow (sort a speak), or my
pride as I realized I was not taught in school the real or primary
causes and appropriate treatments of TMJ.

So, now, 17 years later, I’m successfully beating the TMJ pain
monster. Most of my patients come from referrals which is the way it
should be.”

What used to be pain in waking up, headaches and pain throughout the day, clicking and locking sporadically and overall discomfort is now what I used to hope normal felt like I can’t begin to express how great life without jaw pain is. – Chelane P.

“I haven’t felt this good for about 8 months, I can even clean the cupboards now that I feel so well! I am so glad I found Dr. Spainhower.” – Rita Mae Olsen

From: Dr. David Spainhower



Location: Layton, Utah

The battle lines worldwide have been drawn for many years for all too many TMJ pain sufferers.

Pain, inconvenience and suffering that for all but a lucky few has become both a frustrating way of life and a seemingly permanent burden.

It’s a perplexing and frustrating problem when you consider how much technology has advanced other treatments for other ailments…

New treatments have come to prominence in cancer, diabetes, back pain and a whole host of other ailments and yet many TMJ pain sufferers continue to struggle and suffer with no relief in sight.

However there is a NEW answer as to WHY so many still suffer without hope for relief.

If YOU are suffering with…

And Any Of These Common

TMJ Treatments Have Failed You…

If you saw yourself in any of the above bullet points then you (like so many other frustrated TMJ sufferers) know better than anyone that NONE of those things work to help the most complex TMJ pain.

And after 17 years of helping literally hundreds of TMJ sufferers in my private practice in Layton, Utah I finally realized…

Virtually All Of My TMJ Patients Shared


#1. What they had been told about what was CAUSING their TMJ pain was DEAD WRONG!

#2. They were treated with “one-size-fits-all” “cookie-cutter” treatments.

There are literally DOZENS of types of TMJ and an infinite number of combinations of those types.

“cookie-cutter” FAILS for all but the most mild and or lucky of TMJ pain sufferers

#3. They had NEVER had a PROPER evaluation to determine what TYPE of TMJ problem they had.

#4. They had NEVER had a SPECIFIC & UNIQUE treatment protocol designed EXCLUSIVELY for them and THEIR type of TMJ pain.

Admittedly many of the specialists, so-called experts and therapists treating TMJ patients today may not share this opinion.

And the reason why is actually quite simple…

‘cookie cutter’ is faster and allows them to process more patients.

They get away with the “cookie cutter” approach simply because the very simple and uncomplicated cases can and do respond to that approach.

No different than some aches and pains go away without taking ibuprofen.

Some minor TMJ problems can simply go away with a simple stretch here or night guard correction there.

However the TRUTH about TMJ pain is inescapable…

If your doctor, specialist, expert, etc…

Has FAILED to CORRECTLY identify what the CAUSE of your TMJ pain is…

Even if the recommended stretch or night guard eliminates the pain…

That pain is COMING BACK! Often times WORSE than it came the first time.

After all of these years it’s impossible to ignore TWO hard and fast FACTS…

“I came to Dr. Spainhower with pain in my ears and headaches. He gave me a Splint, which took my headaches from a 5-6 down to a one. And it halfed the pain in my ears.” – Cindy Heyne

If you are reading this letter you fall into one of two categories…

You have tried treatments (see below) and they have failed you…

Leaving your wallet or checkbook lighter and your TMJ pain STILL very much in place.

‘Cookie-Cutter’ can’t and won’t work for you.

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You have not tried any of the most common treatments that typically fail to resolve TMJ pain and you want to AVOID that if it is at all possible.

‘Cookie-cutter’ MIGHT work for you but the fact remains a customized treatment for YOUR type of TMJ pain is GUARANTEED to work.

And ultimately that means NO wasted time, NO wasted money and NO needless suffering.

The good news is that by the end of this letter, regardless of which category YOU fall into…

You’ll have a unique opportunity to SOLVE YOUR unique TMJ problem from the comfort of your own home…

Without expensive treatments, inconvenient office visits and most importantly without weeks, months or even years of needless suffering.

The people who KNOW exactly how you feel…

MY PATIENTS (all FORMER severe TMJ pain sufferers) can tell you exactly why you should be extremely hopeful and optimistic about the relief you’re about to get from your TMJ pain…

“I haven’t felt this good for about 8 months, I can even clean the cupboards now that I feel so well!I am so glad I found Dr. Spainhower… ” – Rita Mae Olsen

Every TMJ pain sufferer has their own unique story yet each with a common thread… agonizing pain preventing them from…

And in spite of their best efforts many report enormous frustration with feelings of…

Did You Know TMJ Pain Could

Lead To EXTREME Disability?

What many unwitting TMJ pain sufferers discover after numerous treatments have failed them is the terrifying fact that TMJ pain left unresolved can lead to serious complications that require major surgery and or permanent irreversible conditions!

The potentially devastating outcomes and disability are shocking:

And quite possibly the saddest aspect of this story for these TMJ sufferers all over the world is the fact that a) these devastating complications are all too common and by their lack of results is NOT for lack of trying…

The list of treatments, regimen & experts they’ve followed are long and in some cases expensive…

And all too often complete failures…

And this is why I have created one of the most exclusive and unique TMJ pain solution system available.

And also why it has created a flurry of interest and excitement for thousands of TMJ pain sufferers worldwide.

It’s also why I wrote the book “The Truth About TMJ”

The BIGGEST Reason For

All The Fuss About The Book

“The Truth About TMJ?”

The book reveals my exclusive new AT HOME TMJ pain relief solution system which utilizes no drugs and no surgery.

It is COMPLETELY PAINLESS and involves exactly ZERO visits to a dentist.

Every aspect can effortlessly be completed in the comfort of your own home…

All you need is the very same computer and internet connection you’re using to read this letter right now.

For 17 years, TMJ pain solution system patients have enjoyed SUCCESS where other more common treatments and approaches have consistently failed!

But until right now…

They had to come to my office in Layton, Utah for the program…

And for the first time ever…

You can access the ENTIRE program and permanently ELIMINATE your TMJ pain without ever leaving your house and without spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

If you’ve tried and failed with…

…Then this new opportunity to finally resolve your frustrating TMJ pain just might be the answer to your prayers

“I was having serious jaw pain and my jaw would pop every time I opened my mouth. I went to see Dr. Spainhower and he discovered my neck was out of alignment and it was causing my jaw pain He sent me to see Dr. Young, a chiropractor, who adjusted my neck and my jaw. I felt better after one session. My neck and jaw both feel great and the popping has decreased by a lot.” – Sara Smith

Why Should You Consider The TMJ Pain Solution System? What Makes It Different Than Anything Else You’ve Ever Seen Or Tried For Your TMJ Pain?

Well for starters…

It’s 100% BETTER than your money back GUARANTEED.

Try getting THAT from your dentist, chiropractor, therapist or so-called expert!

What’s BETTER than 100% money back guarantee…

Take a look…

Here’s what you get in the TMJ Pain Solution System…

This SELF-Examination Diagnostic Test is quite possibly even more valuable because it will reveal to you which exercises and treatments to AVOID LIKE THE PLAGUE!

So they don’t make your TMJ pain WORSE!

You’ll discover the MAJOR differences between TMJ pain in MEN versus TMJ pain in women…

Just this alone DRAMATICALLY increases the chances of complete pain elimination

I became a patient of Dr David Spainhower a few month’s ago… I had a consultation with Dr. Spainhower and he said he knew he could help me. He said one of my biggest problem was that I had no control of my bottom jaw… I had my doubts, but it worked. I went back to his office every week… This is where I was so impressed by Dr. Spainhower that he went the extra mile… – Jan Finke

I’ve had a TMJ/clenching problem most of my life. Sometimes my jaw would lock and always click, which was scary and painful. After the birth of my 3rd child, for some reason my jaw had a disc dislocate on one side. That was extremely painful and made it very hard to eat. Dr. Spainhower fitted me with a jaw splint which I wore constantly for about 3 months. The splint helped a lot with the pain, but my jaw was still somewhat locked and I couldn’t open my mouth very far. Over time I could open further and further but it was still painful. The problem may have been spurred by stress in my life, so we worked on ways I could relieve stress,as well as using the jaw splint. About 9-10 months into the inury, my jaw just kind of healed itself. Maybe my life was less stressful. I haven’t worn the splint for over 7 months now. I doesn’t hurt anymore! – Rebecca Lopez

What Do You Get In The NEW

TMJ Pain Solution System?

The step-by-step TMJ pain evaluation that shows you exactly what TYPE of TMJ YOU have.

See also  Page 1

This SELF-Examination Diagnostic Test yields its biggest value because it reveals which exercises and treatments to AVOID LIKE THE PLAGUE! So they don’t make your TMJ pain WORSE!

“The Truth About TMJ” E-Book…

Bar none, the RICHEST source of TMJ pain information available anywhere online or off.

From what foods to avoid to what doctors to avoid, this book is the ‘bible’ of TMJ pain relief and treatment.

Dozens of pages of NO BS cut through the clutter TMJ Pain relief information.

If when you finish this book you’re not 100% certain that you’ll be TMJ pain free in 72 hours or less, simply let me know and I’ll refund every penny…

I’ve poured 17 years of TMJ treatment experience into this book and I’m 100% certain it’s all you need to get your life back.

The Truth About TMJ: Video Encyclopedia…

My exclusive collection of only the VERY BEST and EFFECTIVE TMJ exercise videos.

Over 40 videos demonstrate with live patients and my own personal TMJ exercise therapist exactly HOW to do each exercise properly.

One of the biggest dangers most TMJ sufferers face is the irrefutable fact that many exercises when either done WRONG or done for the wrong TYPE of TMJ makes the pain WORSE!

This comprehensive video collection completely ELIMINATES the risk of making things worse.

Best of all, when coordinated with the “Spainhower Method” SELF-Evaluation System…

You’ll have 100% certainty about exactly which exercises YOUR unique TMJ pain needs and you’ll have only a small handful of easy exercises to do and in what order.

“The Truth About TMJ” AUDIOBOOK – The audio version in MP3 format read by Dr. Spainhower himself.

Gives you the ultimate in convenience.

Some TMJ sufferers have so much pain, the prospect of reading can be virtually impossible.

As I said…

I’ve thought of everything in this TMJ pain solution system.

“The Truth About Mouth Guards” E-book (the ONLY comprehensive mouth guard book available ANYWHERE)…

If you’ve ever used or considered using a mouth guard as one of the tools to treat your TMJ pain this book is a MUST READ!

Inside you discover which guards make virtually ALL TMJ pain worse, no matter what the type.

Unfortunately most guards sold both online and in stores fall into this category.

As a matter of fact I’ve discovered ONE guard that because of its unique properties and method of manufacture it’s helpful in almost ALL cases of TMJ pain.

In addition there is just ONE other guard that with “slight modification” you can also use to help with your TMJ pain…

Both are revealed in this critically important book.

And I even show you how to use both in conjunction with the TMJ Pain Solution System to get MAXIMUM results in MINIMUM time.

In addition, with this special limited time bonus you gain direct access to the mouth guard section of The Truth About TMJ: Video Encyclopedia

Dr. Spainhower How Much Is The

TMJ Pain Solution System?

“But Act Fast Before I take this site down.

Let’s Recap Everything You Get In The TMJ Pain Solution System

(Over 40 videos, 2 books & Customized TMJ Treatment)

Let’s be frank, with the guaranteed opportunity to END your TMJ pain with ZERO drugs, injections, wasted office visits, etc…

It would be just plain sad to miss this offer.

For a TMJ pain sufferer…

It’s like getting a winning lottery ticket for Christmas.

Remember “The TMJ Pain Solution System” is

NOT sold in any store, doctors office, online or anywhere else for that matter…

This information is far too rare and valuable to be available anywhere else.

It’s a compilation of my 17 years in real world practice with real world TMJ patients.

A world where NO COOKIE CUTTER treatment can work well.

“The TMJ Pain Solution System” is ONLY available direct from me here in my TMJ University website.

“The e-book is downloadable immediately in a PDF format, the ebook and access to my website, inluding all 43 videos, and the audios for the ebook can be viewed/listened to on any computer (PC or MAC) with the given login information that you’ll recieve immediately after your purchase.

You can read the ebook on your computer screen, or you can print out your own hard copy, and read it any time you wish.”

Dr. Spainhower What’s The Better Than

100% Money Back Guarantee Again?

FREE TMJ Night Guard

“Over the years I have seen several different dentists and doctors for my TMJ problems. I have even tried different night guards that I bought from local stores which only made the TMJ worse. It wasn’t until I tried Dr. Spainhower’s night guard that I finally found something that helped. My TMJ has grown increasingly worse over the years and with the clicking, locking, and severe pain I was willing to try anything new. The night guards instructions were very easy to understand and I had no problems molding it to my mouth. The first night I used it I was nervous because I wasnt used to having my upper and lower teeth separated so much but the next morning I was very pleased to see that after only one night the clicking had really reduced. One of the nicest things was being able to yawn a little wider without being in severe pain. I had no problems keeping the guard in my mouth all night long. The gums behind my front upper teeth were a little sore and that was the only thing that bothered me. There is a definite improvement after having worn it only 8 hours. I still have some popping in the joint but am excited to see improvement every time I use it. The long term benefits of using this device is very exciting. Thank you Dr. Spainhower!” – Sharon Clements

I guarantee that you cannot find any more relevant, accurate, and easy to implement information to relieve TMJ pain anywhere online or off.

If after receiving The Truth About TMJ and The TMJ Pain Solution System you’re TMJ isn’t 100% GONE…

Just let us know and I’ll personally refund every penny of your purchase but as a token of my thanks for your trust and support you can KEEP “The Truth About TMJ” audiobook and e-book along with “The Truth About Mouth Guard” E-book as well and reduces over 70% of headaches from over
80% of headache sufferers.”

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You Want to be the best you can be? You
want the best for your family? As you sit in front of your

As you read this message…

Now is the time to believe that
no matter how many times you may have failed in the past, YOU CAN DO IT!

Call me with any questions about how I can help you. My cell phone # is 801-589-6215. Evenings are better.

I may not be able to answer the phone during the day when I’m working in my office. You can call and leave a message anytime, but I can answer it usually in the evening 7:00-11:30 PM EST.” 801-589-6215

Please try my TMJ Solutions. You have my personal Guarantee that if you do not have a reduction with your pain, I’ll send your money back, PLUS you can keep the Ebooks, Audios and FREE TMJ Night Guard!

You have a full 60 days to ask for a refund. Oh, and email me, I will
coach you through email or by phone to eliminate your TMJ pains.”

I don’t know how much longer I can keep this Free coaching offer. If this statement is still here… I’ll keep my promise to help you personally.

Just email me at TMJSpainhower at gmail dot com before I remove this statement/offer. (My time is limited because I still work in my private practice).”

If Your TMJ Pain Is Causing…

…then “The Truth About TMJ” and “The TMJ Pain Solution System” is just what the doctor ordered…

Only without the expense, inconvenience and impersonal nature of having to actually visit the doctor’s office!

To re-discover your passion for life and eliminate the TMJ pain and suffering that’s been holding you back…

And put an end to your TMJ pain nightmare and finally find the relief you’ve been seeking it’s time to take advantage of this limited time offer right now.

Here’s an example of just one of the 43 TMJ exercise videos on the TMJ University website

Special Limited One of One Coaching With Dr. Spainhower At No Additional Cost

YES Dr. Spainhower, I want my TMJ GONE! I want to buy “The TMJ Pain Solution System” Please Give me INSTANT access to eliminate my TMJ Pain right now.

Your entire system is waiting for you to claim it.

Have your credit card handy and click the orange button below.

“I haven’t felt this good for about 8 months, I can even clean the
cupboards now that I feel so well! I am so glad I found Dr.
Spainhower….” – Rita Mae Olsen


Let’s face it, life is a series of choices.

If there IS in fact any hope of you resolving your TMJ Pain once and for all.

You’ll need to do one of two things…

Waste time and money going from doctor to doctor to therapist to therapist using trial and error just in HOPE of ending your TMJ pain OR you can choose the “easy” way.

Take me up on my BETTER than 100% money back guarantee and put an end to your TMJ pain once and for all…

So, if you’re out of options or afraid of becoming like so many others and running out of options.

If you’re desperately trying to avoid wasting time and or money or want a more permanent fix than drugs, injections or mouth guards do not hesitate to CLICK HERE and get INSTANT ACCESS to your “TMJ Pain Solution System” The buzz online regarding this radical and remarkably AFFORDABLE, time saving and NON-invasive approach to TMJ pain is growing at a remarkable rate and if demand gets too out of hand I may need to pull this page down and figure out another way to deliver this incredible information.

But until that time, you can make a NEW choice, RIGHT NOW…

That ends your TMJ pain FOREVER…

Here’s to your success!

Dr. David Spainhower, D.D.S.

P.S. – I’ve spent many years weighing the pros and cons of releasing this program to the public.

I’ve wondered…

“Could it work without my supervision?”

And ultimately I simply decided to put it to the test.

Far too many people suffering with unresolved, life changing TMJ Pain and clearly no solution in sight for them.

Sitting on this information ultimately would have at the least been selfish and at the worst amoral and unethical.

The jury is in and it’s clear that this is the most comprehensive, customizable and successful TMJ Pain elimination system available anywhere in the world.

And I’m so very proud to be able to give it to you at such a wildly low investment.

I don’t need a pat on the back but I sure would love a promise from you that in the coming weeks you’ll share your success story with me. I look forward to hearing from you.

Special Limited One of One Coaching With Dr. Spainhower At No Additional Cost

YES Dr. Spainhower, I want my TMJ GONE! I want to buy “The TMJ Pain Solution System” Please Give me INSTANT access to eliminate my TMJ Pain right now.

I understand I’ll get…

Your entire system is waiting for you to claim it.

Have your credit card handy and click the orange button below.

“I haven’t felt this good for about 8 months, I can even clean the
cupboards now that I feel so well! I am so glad I found Dr.
Spainhower…” – Rita Mae Olsen


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TMJ Solution is backed with a 60 Day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee. If within the first 60 days of receipt you are not satisfied with Wake Up Lean™, you can request a refund by sending an email to the address given inside the product and we will immediately refund your entire purchase price, with no questions asked.



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