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Selection Training is a powerful multi-tasking, sorting and sequencing training game where you need to select the right combination of icons which appear throughout the board at high speed. You need to select one type of icon first, followed by those of the other.

This training operates on 3 levels and gets harder as you train, pushing your mind to the limit, and growing new neuron and glial cell connections in the process. As the game progresses, up to 4 icons can appear on the board meaning you need to sort and filter between these to multi-task, prioritise and continue in the game.

This is a fun game that can help the
whole family improve their mental


Helps to improve multi-tasking, identification of relevant items and selective attention recall abilities

Improves short term memory, the ability to recall sequences and store relevant information in the right order.

Brain processing speed through the high speed nature of play

This highly addictive game is yours for the taking, now!

The training is designed for adults
but can also be used by teenagers and
children as well.

Cognitive Flow Task is a general brain task game which helps to develop a state of “flow” and mental harmony through doing basic tasks exceptionally well.

The mind likes efficiency and doing things well. By performing the calculations over and over, you will begin to feel your clarity and ability to keep concentrating improve dramatically. You will find yourself getting obsessed on the task and wanting to keep going to see how far you can go. This is the essence of Cognitive flow, which is helping to streamline, prioritise and make your mind more efficient. It will help you fall into The Zone.

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Alongside Focus Builder, this is a powerful focus and concentration builder which will help you enter The Zone quicker and faster than ever before.


This training is designed to

The ability to get in the Zone, increase brain computational speed and overall cognitive processes

Mental efficiency, giving clearer thoughts, more ideas and creativity

The ability to select and identify relevant information quickly and efficiently.

Helps the mind to unlock and develop its creative thinking

This training is designed for adults but can be used at any age. You will also have
your score saved in your members online area.

Crazy Numbers is a number logic game which uses simple processes to sharpen your ability to concentrate and compute different logic operations at high speed.

You will be shown a series of numbers on screen, and you need to select the correct operations to play the game.

The game will push your logical abilities and work your deductive reasoning abilities in new ways, as you push your mind to higher levels of logical proficiency.

This game also comes with multiple levels of play, from beginner all the way to advanced.



The VIP Success Program is a combination of worksheets, and information to help you achieve your goals. We will help you improve your overall life in academics, health, career, finance, relationships and anything you want to achieve, by helping you tap the power of the mind. This comprehensive program covers it all!

Learn how to create new habits and overcome addictions

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Learn how to control the mind better and what power the mind really has

How to go about changing each and every area of your life at long last

Put yourself in the top lane to maximise and supercharge your life progress



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