Hāngi Guide – ‘How To Cook a Hāngi the Traditional Maori Way’

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Product Name: Hāngi Guide – ‘How To Cook a Hāngi the Traditional Maori Way’


‘How To Cook a Hāngi the Traditional Maori Way’

Your search for quality Hāngi information is over! You’ve found it! The Complete NZ Hāngi Guide is the MOST comprehensive Hāngi resource available.

My name is Neville Rangi-Tane Pettersson (yellow t-shirt below). A few years ago I wanted to put down a Hāngi for a party I was hosting – but I had absolutely no idea how to do it.

So I searched the internet for Hāngi resources, but the information I found was nowhere enough to absolutely ensure success.

I mean the basic steps were there, but the one thing I did know, was that a Hāngi is a very temperamental process and easy to stuff up.

If I stuffed this Hāngi up I’d never live it down. Plus I’d have 30+ hungry people to feed, that’s a lot of Fish & Chips!

I decided the best thing to do was swallow my pride and get my two legendary Hāngi loving uncles: Hoāni (nickname ‘Big Head’, don’t ask!) and Pāikea over to show me how to do it properly! I’m glad I did because there is a lot more to doing a Hāngi than you’d think!

The really good news is that I videoed the whole thing and took heaps of notes! Since then I’ve done loads of Hāngi‘s on my own and I’ve learn from my own mistakes. So NOW I’ve written this Hāngi Guide, especially for you guys! It includes all of the important information that you won’t find anywhere else, but you NEED to know! Such as;

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Not ALL soil is created equal! I’ll tell you how to carefully choose your Hāngi spot and what type of earth is the best for putting down your Hāngi.

The size and shape of your Hāngi basket is VERY important! All the info is in here plus I’ll also tell you the best places to buy them.

Hāngi rocks are probably the most important factor in your Hāngi success. I’ll tell you the geological classification of the rocks you’ll need including full high-resolution colour pictures so you can identify the right Hāngi stones easily.

No matter WHERE YOU ARE IN THE WORLD I’ll tell you where you can find the right Hāngi stones – and more importantly how you can identify them once you find them.

I’ve also discovered 3 amazing places that you can find Hāngi stones that I guarantee most people, including myself, would never have thought of!

No Hāngi stones? Some places in this world just don’t have stones. No worries! I’ll tell you 3 alternatives you can use to make sure your Hāngi gets done.  If you want a Hāngi – you shall HAVE your Hāngi (I did one while  working in Nigeria once!).

You’ll discover which wood gives the best taste. Plus I’ll tell you the which types of timber make the best fire and which combination of both is preferable for your Hāngi fire.

I’ll also tell you exactly how much wood you’ll need and how you should stack the different combinations of wood with your stones.

An exact list of the necessary materials you’ll need including dimensions, how many you’ll need and where you can find them.

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A complete list of the meat and vegetables you SHOULD have in your Hāngi, as well as a few things you should never include. Also how to pack your food into your Hāngi basket so it doesn’t burn on the bottom.

Recipes are also included for stuffing, steam puddings and fried bread, YUM!

I’m currently offering 2 additional add-ons as part of the package absolutely FREE. I update and add new material regularly which you can access anytime! You have access to this material for life when you get this guide.

A Hāngi Steam Pudding makes a very nice addition to any Hāngi. These magical little morsels are usually cooked in a can or other vessel with tin foil over the top. Serve hot with cream or custard as a desert to really finish them off!

Delicious fried bread is the perfect accompaniment for ANY Hāngi. Served fresh with a little butter melting inside is a taste you won’t soon forget.

So here’s a run-down again of what you get;

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